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With over 20 years of proven expertise, a  group of dedicated professionals on the team and  high-volume translation services to  clients all over Europe, LANG SYSTEMS  is able to guarantee the highest quality and most accurate translations at the most competitive prices in the market.

From small law firms to large multinational institutions, LANG SYSTEMS  brings proven experience to your organization, helping you achieve your objectives in local, national and international markets.

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Business translations

In this area we provide:

Translation of business documents such as:

  • invitations for tenders
  • proposals
  • contracts
  • implementation projects and software upgrades
  • end user guides
  • training courses
  • presentations
  • e-learning materials
  • financial analyses
  • financial statements
  • business plans
  • sales scripts
  • business correspondence
  • accounting documents

Translations for the real estate industry

  • marketing materials, brochures, leaflets
  • texts for websites relating to real estate management
  • conference-related materials

Translations for the human resources industry

  • training courses in human resources management
  • surveys, forms, scripts
  • marketing materials, brochures, leaflets
  • texts for websites relating to human resources management
  • presentations regarding human resources management
  • conference-related materials
  • internal personnel documentation
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