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With over 20 years of proven expertise, a  group of dedicated professionals on the team and  high-volume translation services to  clients all over Europe, LANG SYSTEMS  is able to guarantee the highest quality and most accurate translations at the most competitive prices in the market.

From small law firms to large multinational institutions, LANG SYSTEMS  brings proven experience to your organization, helping you achieve your objectives in local, national and international markets.

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On-Time & On-Budget Translation

When you need an accurate translation, on-time and on-budget, you can rely on our services..

Our translation experience  and expertise are second to none. We have been providing translation and interpreting services since 1991. No project is too large or too small.

Experts in Legal, Financial, Medical & Technical Fields

Our translators are not only very experienced, but also sensitive to the vocabulary in their areas of expertise.

Our clients include multinational companies, government offices,  law firms, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, manufacturers and high-tech firms and many others.

Areas of Expertise:

Our linguists routinely translate documents  in our areas of expertise such as:

  • Finance & Banking: Balance sheets, income statements, prospectuses, auditor’s reports
  • Healthcare & Medicine: Manuals, package inserts, patient surveys, biomedical articles
  • Scientific & Technical: Patents, manuals, data sheets, user guides
  • Food & Retail: Menus, labels, packaging, point-of-sale displays
  • Advertising: Ad copy, press releases, brochures, articles, websites
  • Software & Computer: Video game text, manuals, marketing materials, websites
  • Legal  : Contracts, policies, reports, presentations, notices, applications
  • Personal Documents: Birth & marriage certificates, college transcripts, legal documents

Web translation services

When you reach out to a different country or culture, you need a consistent but specialized marketing message. We  translate  advertising materials and websites, while our localization specialists customize the graphics, look and feel of your documents or website for a specific audience.

Presentations, tutorials etc.

If  you have a presentation, corporate tutorial, documentary or other multimedia project intended for speakers of another language,  we will help you to  prepare your script and translate your copy.

What’s more, our comprehensive graphic design services give your presentation, handbook, questionnaire or other document a professional look by formatting it in the layout program of your choice.

Certified Translations

Certified Translations must  follow  precise legal standards. Therefore our translators will  turn your documents  into certified translations  accepted by governments and organizations throughout  Europe  and around the world.

The translators  attest to the accuracy of your translation and each page is sealed to diminish the possibility of fraud.

Our  certified translators  have been recognized by Polish Ministry of Justice and meet the relevant standards. Thus, the translations signed and sealed by them have the status of legal and formal documents to be used in any form of legal proceedings, and assure high quality translation.

Rush and Same-Day Translation

If you have a time-sensitive project, rush and same-day translations are available upon request.

Whether you have press releases, brochures, personal documents or other copy, you’ll get a quality translation that meets both your needs and your deadline.

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