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We are constantly striving to provide you with the highest quality translations at the most competitive pricing.

We do not charge fees added by many other translation companies for - for example - project management and  other overhead fees. We want to provide our Clients with simple and competitive pricing criteria for the high quality translations. Our translation rates are probably the most competitive in the marketplace.

Prices for  translation projects are usually determined by several factors:
  • Number of source words / characters
  • Complexity of the subject matter
  • Amount of time required to complete the assignment

Please request a free quote by sending us your text or information about your translation needs.

Our translation rates include:
  • Use of one or several native, educated and experienced translators
  • Use of a second translator in each language to edit and proofread each file
  • Use of an industry specialist as  proofreader
  • General  formatting in commonly used software programs(Word,  Excel)
  • Project management and file management
  • All administration fees

Translation Cost

The rates charged for translations are agreed on at the beginning of a specified project. In most cases, the same rates can apply for other projects for the same client. If  the scope of a project changes, we will work with you to agree on new pricing rates that are more appropriate for the new project or scope. When you request a free, no-obligation quote, we will provide you with a detailed pricing quote.

Translation Price per Source Word*

The primary factor in determining pricing is the number of source words in the document. A source language is the document's original language and the target language is the language into which the document will be translated. As a general rule and common industry standard, when translating  from English into Polish, the target word count will normally be about 20% higher than the source word count. Since we charge for the source words in these languages, you will have an accurate cost estimate at the beginning of each project, as opposed to if you were charged by target words.

*Excluding sworn / certified  translations. These  translations are charged per target text page, where each page consists of 1125 characters.

Translation Fees for Interpreting services.

Translation Fees for interpreting services are calculated  on a flat fee basis  or hourly rates. This refers to all the time the interpreter is available to the Client. Interpreting fees are agreed upon separately for each project, depending on the location, character and complexity of the service.

Translation Rate per Complexity of the Source

Translation pricing (price per word) also depends on the level of complexity of each document. For example, a general business letter (with non-technical terms) will be priced lower than a technical patent, medical text, complex legal contract, pharmaceuticals related document or software manual. A general letter will be priced at the lowest price per word while complex legal documents and highly technical text will be at a higher price.

Translation Express Rates

A translation project that needs to be delivered in a shorter time frame may carry up to a 50% charge above our regular rates. We  will always help you out by providing you with the staff and resources to accommodate your rush projects. In case of urgent projects, we can structure the delivery of the translation  on the basis  where  the most important documents  are being delivered first.

Editing and Proofreading Prices

Editing and proofreading are related services and can be priced separately in specific cases. In particular, if you had a translation performed by another company or person, we can provide you with an editing and proofreading rate that is lower than the one for full translation. Normally, the cost to edit and proofread is 50% less than fully translating the text.
Our normal per word pricing for a fully translated text includes translation, editing and proofreading  by separate qualified linguists.

Website Localization Price

The rates for website localization projects requiring coding can be determined by target pages, or in most cases we  charge the development work on an hourly basis.

Pricing Policy

Our  translation rates reflect the skills  of  our highly trained  translators.  Most translation companies outsource your translation to other , less prominent translation companies or to freelance translators ( often students !) . We guarantee that the translation is delivered by  a trusted and experienced member of our team, somebody you can always ask to speak to directly. In this way we ensure that you get a first rate product at the best rates.

We strive to implement a pricing methodology that is clear and fair to the client. Hence, we always recommend a “price per word” calculation method  for our translation services  ( with the exception of sworn / certified translations which follow separate pricing system) .

If you are not completely satisfied with one of our translations, we will work with you and/or your team until it meets your complete satisfaction.


We normally require  an advance  payment upfront and the remaining amount  upon delivery of the final product. We  can also invoice you  in arrears per project part or on a monthly basis. We will work with you to arrive at the invoicing strategy to best accommodate your invoicing  needs.

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